How To Maximize Natural Light In Homes

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The presence of natural light in homes is desirable, and new homes must be designed with this in mind. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light is necessary for physical and mental wellbeing. The presence or absence of light has been shown to impact moods significantly. The amount of sunlight received impacts the circadian rhythm of human beings. When this is affected, the rhythm is disturbed. Natural light is essential to maintain health.

Recognizing the importance of natural light and the limited time people get to spend outdoors, homes need to be designed to let natural light in. Apart from the positive impact on mental and physical health, natural light also makes a home look bright and cheerful. It also reduces the need for artificial lighting and makes homes more energy-efficient. In this article, Treo Signature Homes provides some tips that help maximize the amount of natural light entering a home. Treo Signature Homes is based in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, and has custom-built and remodeled a variety of homes in the Texas Hill Country. These custom builders implement projects to provide functionality and individual style in each home. 

How To Maximize Light In A Home

1. Large Windows And Doors

Large windows and doors let light in. The more the windows, the more light will be let in. Expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows can be opted for, if possible, in new construction homes or when remodeling an existing home. It is also important to place these windows so that maximum light is let in across different seasons. Southern-facing windows let in the most light, and east and west-facing windows allow a reasonably good amount of light in. Shades or tinted glass will help prevent heat from getting in during summer. North-facing windows cause more heat loss in winter. Use custom minimalist frameworks that allow for maximum glass surface area that allows more light in. Installing transom or radius windows on top of doors or windows, or flanking the door sides will increase natural light in the home. Clerestory windows that are installed high up on walls above the sightline have the advantage of allowing light in without compromising privacy. 

2. Lighter Paint Colors

Lighter-colored walls and ceilings reflect more light and improve the natural lighting within homes. While white reflects light best, pure white may not be a choice for all. There are now shades of white and color tones to choose from. Shades of blue and gray also work well. Lighter ceilings also make rooms look larger and brighter. A semi-glossy or satin finish improves the reflective properties of paint.

3. Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors reflect light and allow it to bounce around the room. Mirrors should be placed next to a window or directly across from a window. This doubles the natural light entering and creates the effect of having an extra window. Mirrors also create an illusion of more spacious rooms. 

4. Trim Away

Sometimes natural light is blocked by trees, shrubs, and bushes near windows. Regular trimming or pruning would help light to enter better through the windows. Homeowners can also plan their gardens so that no plants or trees block light from coming in. 

5. Skylights

Natural light can be let in effectively by the installation of skylights. They are of best use in rooms like bathrooms or living rooms that are the most used areas of a home. 

6. Avoid Heavy Window Drapes

Windows can get crowded by heavy curtains, drapes, or other window treatments that cut off the light. Dark curtains also limit the entry of natural light. Lighter cotton or more translucent shades would let in more light.

7. Keep It Clean

Windows must be kept clean, and light fixtures and bulbs dusted so that the light sources are not occluded by dust or grime. 

8. Keep It Open

An open floor plan would allow more light to filter throughout the house. A home builder can help design an open floor plan for a new home that allows the functionality and aesthetics desired by homeowners.  When renovating homes, unnecessary walls that block light may be taken down to prevent them from blocking light. 

A homewiths access to natural light is a beautifulliving spacen. Like all the best custom home builders, Treo Signature Homes is also a builder that recognizes the importance of things like natural light in homes. This residential construction expert understands the requirements of clients and designs unique homes that realize their dreams. Anyone looking to construct a custom home in the Texas Hill Country can contact them by dialing (281) 389-0065. Treo Signature Homes has a team that always assures a new home that exceeds expectations.

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